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Whether you are on a call, in your inbox, or in your CRM, is a layer of knowledge that lives where you work. Have confidence that verified information from experts on your team is right at your fingertips
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Knowledge Everywhere

Instant access to the knowledge your team needs to do its job, everywhere it’s done. Move faster and more confidently, together.

Build the Expert Team

Increase your team’s confidence with a knowledge base they can trust. Teach them, and test their knowledges easily.

Think about your team productivity

As a team grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone on the same page. Employees may spend up to a third of their time searching for information they need to do their job. Even after they find that info, how can they be sure its still accurate?


Get your knowledge accessible

We display content as arrangeable cards that overlay your browser window. Save your information in easily consumable, “bite-size” pieces for fast, precise results.


Find what you’re looking for

Quickly search your team’s knowledge base. Refine your search with filters and tags.


Create and Share knowledge

New cards are instantly available to your entire team. Keep your knowledge stocked with accurate info on product features, Q&A, objection handling, competitive info, proposal responses, new-hire on-boarding materials, etc


Instant knowledge sharing in Slack & Teams

With our bot, you can now create Cards, search for content, get notifications and more all without leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams

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Knowledge Sharing for Teams

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